Today’s post is about “We Want Some Pussy” by the Miami-based rap group 2 Live Crew.  This song was released back in 1986 and is included on their debut album entitled “The 2 Live Crew is What We Are.”  This is also one of their better-known songs and is one of the songs that made the Miami Bass genre popular.

We Want Some Pussy by 2 Live Crew: What the song is about

It should be very obvious just by looking at the song title what this song is about; these guys in the band are cat lovers!  Even listening to song, it is so obvious:

Somebody say Hey! We want some pussy!

Somebody say Hey! We want some pussy!

Somebody say Hey! We want some pussy!

Somebody say Hey! We want some pussy!

I mean, they clearly state what they are looking for in the opening lines of the song.  They say it FOUR times.

We Want Some Pussy by 2 Live Crew

This is Edgar the cat. Watch out Edgar, 2 Live Crew wants YOU. You can clearly see that Edgar really doesn’t give a fuck. Photo courtesy of Vanessa from

When you really think of it, the 2 Live Crew members really are smart.  After all, everyone should want a cat.  They keep themselves clean.  They make excellent companions.  They even keep your house free of mice.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Cats in ancient Egypt were even worshiped as gods and goddesses and were mummified after death just as some humans were.  How awesome is that?  Many of their other songs talk about pussy as well so you know it has to be true.  You can rest assured when I tell you that they really ARE cat lovers!

We Want Some Pussy: Possible Alternate Lyrics Meanings

There is a very small chance that this song is about sex.  I honestly can’t see why some people might think that since the group has such a wide variety of songs that they sing about.  Other topics of their songs include free speech (“Banned in the USA”), small business ownership (“The Fuck Shop”), athletics (“Throw the D”), classic rock music (their remake of “Do Wah Diddy Diddy”), and janitorial engineering (their “As Clean as they Wanna Be” album).


What do you think about this song?  Give your thoughts on “We Want Some Pussy” in the comment box below!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees for the 2014 class today.

List of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

  • The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  • Chic
  • Deep Purple
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Hall and Oates
  • KISS
  • LL Cool J
  • The Meters
  • Nirvana
  • N.W.A
  • The Replacements
  • Linda Ronstadt
  • Cat Stevens
  • Link Wray
  • Yes
  • The Zombies

Just like last year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will allow fan voting for the nominees!

To vote for your favorite, go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee voting page. You can vote for up to five nominees. Fan voting is available from October 16 to December 10.  The ceremony will take place in New York in April 2014.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees: Who would YOU vote for?

Last year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted eight new members.  Who will be inducted this time?  Make sure you vote for your favorites!

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…Which acts would you like to see?  Please leave your comments in the space below and suggest a nominee for next year.